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Next time you need to hire a skip bin, don’t just settle for any metal bin. Bin Hire Geelong has a range of tough bins of all sizes, designed to withstand anything you can throw in them. With more than a decade of bin hire experience under our belts, we know how to provide a great bin hire service. Call us now and we’ll get a bin to you today, ready for your next project. No more waiting around and no more wondering where the skip bin is. Bin Hire Geelong is ready to help you do waste management right. For fast, high-quality Geelong skip hire services, call Bin Hire Geelong today. Call now for a free quote on Geelong skip bin hire!


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why choose bin hire geelong?

Geelong Bin Hire Experts

Years of experience has helped us master the art of Geelong skip hire. Our team can help you get the bin that best meets your needs, get it to you quick, and clear it up after you’re finished. All you have to do is fill it!

Unbeatable Service

With competitive prices, on-time delivery and pickup, an experienced, friendly team and service that works around your needs and schedule, we’re the number 1 choice for skip hire Geelong. Call us today!

On-Time Delivery

Your skip bin will always arrive when you need it to, whether that’s at the time you’ve designated or ASAP. Our standard skip hire Geelong time is 2 weeks, but if you’re finished with the bin simply call our Geelong bin hire team and we’ll be there fast to get it out of your way.

Geelong’s Top Skip Bin Provider

We’re a local business, based right here in Geelong, providing for bins people all across the region for the last 10 years. Our range of bins will cover all your needs, with sizes from 2m³ to 24m³.

Bins to suit every project!

Regardless of whether you’re cleaning house or moving a mountain, our bins will help you get the job done.

We have a wide range of bins in different shapes and sizes, ranging from 2m³ to 24m³, and several add-on options such as hooks for use with cranes. All our bins are checked regularly to ensure they’re ready for work. We check for defects, cracks and weaknesses, anything that could cause damage while you’re working or prevent you from getting work done.

If you’re not sure what size bin you’ll need our team can help you find the right one. We often recommend getting a bin that’s one size large than the one you think you’ll need, as it will save you from having to hire a whole second bin and will end up cheaper for you.

why hire a skip bin?

If you’ve already worked with a skip bin before, you’ll know the benefits a hired skip bin provides. A skip bin can make any construction or clean up project much easier, helping you manage waste, keeping your worksite clear and allowing you to quickly get rid of large and problematic waste.

You can get rid of large items far easier with a skip bin, clearing out old furniture, builders waste, concrete, tree stumps, large electronic goods and more. If you have a lot to clear, or need a semi-permanent bin available, a skip bin is the perfect option. It’s often far cheaper and easier than taking trailer loads to the tip, and you can get one easily by booking Geelong skip hire online!

what can and can’t be put in a skip bin?


You can dispose of almost anything in our bins, including items that are usually prohibited, like:

– Electronics
– Mattresses
– Tyres


There are several things that cannot be disposed of in skip bins due to legal reasons and must be disposed of through the proper channels. These include:

– Asbestos                                  – Chemicals
– Biological Waste                   – Gas Bottles
– Paint and Oil                            – Insulation

If you have any of these items to dispose of, please contact your local council for more information on the correct disposal channels. Our Geelong skip bin hire experts can also point you in the right direction.

Skip Bin Hire Geelong Permits Icon

Bin Hire Permits

If you need to put your bin on public property, such as a road, footpath or nature strip, you may need a permit from your local council. If this sounds like you, let our team know when you book and we’ll organise a permit for you.

Skip Bin Hire Geelong recycle icon

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

All the waste we collect is sorted through to separate everything recyclable. We go over your waste with a fine tooth comb, recycling as much of it as possible. It’s through this process we’re able to keep the amount of waste going into landfill to a minimum.

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No matter where you are in Geelong our team can be there fast with a skip bin for your project. Schedule your bin hire today and your bin will arrive on time, ready for you to use. We make Geelong skip hire easy, keeping things moving and helping you manage your waste better than ever before. To get a free quote and book your Skip hire Geelong call us now on 03 5214 2709 or send us an email today.